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Whether choosing a platform, design, or implementation, let us help you build the right stuff!


Looking to start over or build a new module? We have experience in all aspects of design and management.


Maintaining a system is very important. We can help free up your resources so that your company can continue forward.


Ever since the cloud arose in popularity we've been building applications in it.


Whether the system relies on transactional SQL or NoSQL, we are here to help.


Overwhelmed by terabytes of meaningless data? Let us show you how to gain insight.


Although we specialize in full-stack .NET application development, we have experience in PHP, Java, and C/C++.

Who Are We


Who are we... Why are we here... Why does it matter...

  • Who Are We

    Christian Software Professionals

    We believe that we can show the love of Christ through quality software engineering and consultation to any group or individual.

  • Why Are We Here

    To Empower our Customers

    We want to empower you in the work you're doing. Whether this is designing software or building it; we want to create clean modular software for your team.

  • Why Does It Matter

    We Want You To Succeed

    Your success is our success! We want to build software in such a way that you no longer need us. That's right! We want you to no longer require our services because we created the best possible software.

  • Giving Back

    We Believe in Investing

    Every hour of our time gives back to our world! Learn More

Our Amazing Team

Nothing is too big or too impossible with the right team!

Shanna Leigh

Co-Founder & Lead Marketer

Brandon McKune

Owner & Lead Software Engineer

Wes Chaffin

Projects Manager & Content Developer

Shepherd - (v.) guide or direct in a particular direction.

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